Federalist and Democratic Republican Attitudes Toward National Government.


The United States government consisted of the Federal and Democratic-Republican parties as the first parties to form the national government. Both parties held different views with the They held different views on running the government but came to a compromise in case there were issues that they had to agree upon that concerned the whole nation and its best interests. The two parties differed on the formation of national government since the Federalists wanted the constitution followed totally, while the democratic republicans were against the plan of approving of the constitution to have a new government design. The two parties disagreed on how the power that would be accorded to the central government (Vile, 2005).

The leaders who were instrumental in ratifying the Constitution were George Washington, John Quincy Adams and John Adams. The democratic republican leaders were James Madison, Thomas Jefferson, and James Munroe among many others. The Federalists wanted a central government while the Democratic-Republicans wanted a localized government having local control. The federal government thus wanted a government that was strong having the power and thus authority to make treaties, declare war, control tax, and commerce. The Federalists wanted all the power it could get to run the national government centrally ((Norton, 2007).

The federal government wanted to have absolute power like the colonial government that had been in place and used the rich people as rulers. Once the Constitution was ratified, the conflict between the two parties increased




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