Film Proposal Essay


This film is created by the DMX family, one of the best film writers and directors within the California region. DMX has been in the film industry for a very of close to ten years. The unit has been successful in its previous script writing and it has even won three awards. The first award was awarded as the runners up in script writing and later two awards were won as the best script writers in California. Some of the scripts that were previously written by DMX family have featured on some of the local television stations due to the message of the contents and the quality of the plays. Moreover, the level of creativity has been appreciated in the past not only by the producers but also by the fans that enjoy watching the plays. DMX level of creativity and dynamism goes beyond the expectations of the viewers because a lot of research is done before a play is fully composed. This unit also derives its creativity from watching a lot of plays especially on the national theatre as well as getting ideas from the daily occurrences that happen in the society.

Title of the Film

The film has been given the title “love infidelity”. The title gives a brief explanation about what the film is all about since it primarily focuses on the infidelity that most families go through in this century. The film is all about three young men who are married to very beautiful wives whom they love so much. One of the men is a banker, the other one is a basketball player while the third one is a taxi driver. All the three men are never at home during daytime due to the tight schedule that they go through on a daily basis. Their wives on the other hand are equally employed with an exception of one who runs her personal business venture within the city.. Coincidentally, the three wives are all cheating on their husbands with three other men. Every woman creates for both the husband and the “side dish” almost on a daily basis. The women find time to hang around with their other men either during the daytime, or later in the evening before they drive back home. Once they get home, they give their husbands the full attention that they need as if nothing had just happened before they got back home. The husbands on the other side are non-suspecting of the foul play by the wives. In the long run, the tricks played by these beautiful women come crashing when their husbands learn of the dirty games the women have been playing behind their backs.  The expose puts the marriages through turmoil for a very long period until that point when they all decide to file for divorce papers because the marriages cannot work anymore. The “side dishes” also disappear once they realize that the women were hanging out with them yet they were married. The end result is that the children are left in such a confused scenario where they have to live without the care and love of both parents.


The budget of the film is expected o be a little expensive considering that the some scenes will have to be shot in some of the five star hotels within the city. Moreover, the film will have to be shot within a span of one week for it to be complete. The estimated amount needed for the entire process will be at least $ 250, 000. The money will be used for various purposed during the shooting process. For instance, part of the cash will be used to settle rental fees for the hotel rooms that will be used by the crew members for the one week period. Additionally, part of that money will be used to cater for the computer graphics and imagery. The cameras that will be used during that process will be hired using weekly rates. Apart from that, the cash will also be used for talent and marketing purposes so that the film can able to sell to the end co0nsumers once it will be completed.

Film Contract

The contract to this film will be guided by the following terms and conditions.

The writer of the script will be engaged in the in all the production stages of the love infidelity film.  The producer should be in agreement that the writer be included in the production stages from the star to the end. The producer should also agree that his work will be done according to the stipulations of the terms and conditions of the agreements.

The creator, DMX family hereby gives the producer, Doughty producer the position of being the executive producer of the love infidelity film. Both parties agree to play their roles as per the already mentioned agreements

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