Financial Marketing

Research a company APA Format

  • Research a company with which you are familiar (either as a consumer, an investor, or because you know something about the company from the news). This is an informal task, and you can use the Internet for your research. Compile all articles and web pages you read when doing your research.
  • Select one of the companies that you will follow throughout this course as the company you evaluate for your final assignment. Write approximately 250 words that describes why you chose that company rather than the others you researched. Cite your research.


  • For the company you chose in the previous unit’s assignment, evaluate its health based on its financial statements (which you may download from EDGAR or the company’s website).
  • Compute the company’s current ratio, its debt ratio, its profit margin, and two other ratios you deem relevant to the understanding of the company as a whole.
  • Compare these ratios to industry standard calculations. Also, try to identify major changes in the company’s balance sheet and income statement from one year to the next to identify trends in the company’s health. Is it improving or deteriorating over time? Briefly comment (in approximately 250 words) on your assessment of the health of the company given its ratios and the changes in its financial statements over time.
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