Food Safety Act 1990.

Food Safety Act 1990.

SECTION A Attempt ALL questions. You should spend approximately 30 minutes on this part of the paper. 1. Identify one family structure. 2. State one food source of vitamin A. 3. State one cause of hypertension. 4. Give one property of cotton. 5. Explain the term “over nutrition”. 6. What does the abbreviation OFT stand for? 7. State one function of the organisation Shelter. 8. Give the temperature required for the safe re-heating of food. 9. Give two bene?ts of using a store card. 10. Identify two cooking methods which would help meet Scottish Dietary Targets. 11. State two practical ways of reducing sugar in the diet. 12. Identify two areas covered by the Food Safety Act 1990. 13. State two advantages of breathable membranes in clothing. 14. State one advantage and one disadvantage of extruded food products

SECTION B Attempt THREE questions from this section: Question 1 and any other TWO questions. You should spend approximately 30 minutes on each question. Marks

1. (a) Identify and explain three factors that may contribute to a change in family lifestyle. (b) Evaluate each of the following methods of saving money for a family. (i) Savings Account (ii) Credit Union (c) Identify and explain three factors which may in?uence the choice of food for an elderly person on a low income. (d) Evaluate how each of the following statutory services may support a family. (i) National Health Service (NHS) (ii) Education

2. (a) The table opposite shows a day’s nutrient content of meals eaten by a pregnant woman. Using your knowledge of nutrition and the information provided, evaluate the suitability of this day’s nutritional intake. (b) Identify and explain three factors, other than diet, which may affect health during pregnancy. (c) Evaluate internet shopping as a method of purchasing a car seat for a baby. (d) Explain the bene?ts of each of the following to the consumer. (i) Care labels on clothing (ii) Nutritional information on convenience food (e) Explain the role of the British Standards Institution (BSI).

2. Nutrient content of a day’s meals eaten by a pregnant woman Energy (MJ) 11·12 (kcal) 2675 41·0 16 602 43 405

Protein (g)

Saturated Fat %

Calcium (mg)

Vitamin C (mg)

Folic Acid (µg)

Reference Nutrient Intake for Selected Nutrients in the UK (per day) for pregnant women Protein (g) 51·0 Calcium (mg) 700 Vitamin C (mg) 50 Folic acid (µg) 300

Estimated Average Requirement for Energy in the UK (per day) for pregnant women Energy MJ 8·9 kcal 2140

3. (a) Identify and explain three stages in the development of school trousers.

(b) The star pro?le below shows the results of testing fabric for the school trousers. Evaluate the suitability of this fabric for the school trousers.

4 (c) Evaluate the usefulness to the consumer of each of the following. (i) Fair Trade products (ii) Organic foods (d) Explain the role of each of the following. (i) Which? (ii) Food Standards Agency (FSA) (e) Explain the protection offered to the consumer by the Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations (CPRs) 2008

Mark.4. (a) Explain each of the following functions of a family. (i) Care and mutual support (ii) Socialisation (iii) Economic support

(b) Identify and explain two factors which should be considered to prevent food poisoning on a family picnic.

(c) Evaluate each of the following community services for the family. (i) Nursery meals (ii) Meals on wheels

(d) Identify and explain three types of additives in food. (e) Evaluate the use of market research in product development.

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