Four Reasons Why Every Trader Ought To Keep A Separate Trading Journal

As part of the services offered by Forex brokers, the provision of a real-time record of all transactions made aims at enabling traders check all their activities in the Foreign Exchange Market. Many traders have attributed their success in the Foreign Exchange Market to changes made after analyzing information gathered from their Forex broker records. Forex journals make traders aware of their system’s expectancy, which leads them to make order executions with confidence. That being said, it is still important that traders keep separate journals to keep track of their margin usage and buying power during each trade. The following are four reasons why Forex traders should keep their own separate journals.

  1. As An Agent Of Habit Change

Sometimes traders engage in destructive trading habits that lead to huge unprecedented losses. Journals are useful to such traders, especially in the area of mind pattern modification, allowing them to make informed trade decisions. A Forex trader who has a separate trading journal is able to gather statistics that help them create a trading plan. Additionally, with a trading journal, a trader has the opportunity to check their past trading activities and determine which trading strategies need to be changed to guarantee success. Trading journals are thus important agents of habit change in Forex traders while at the same time acting as their personal mentors.

  1. As A Scheduling Tool

Planning is an essential routine practiced by all successful traders. A trade journal records specific trade data and plans that are required by trader before they go into any transaction. Scheduling allows a trader to set a profit target by considering each individual trade and the acceptable risk that they are willing to deal with incase of negative results. A trader journal becomes a spot where thoughts that were recorded in numbers later turned into profits.

  1. Acts As A Form Of Chronological Documentation

A separate Forex journal acts as a private performance data base for a trader, allowing them to track their performance from the first trade to the current one in the Foreign Exchange Market.  The journal provides a trader with a historical perspective of all the trades they conducted with the help of Forex brokers and which currency pairings were most lucrative.

  1. Useful In Methodology Corroboration

A trader gets the opportunity to verify the effectiveness of their trade strategy from the interpretation of data recorded in the trading journal. From the data analyzed, a trader is able to determine the impact of their trading decisions; whether they were too light or too loose and the overall effect that placing stop-loss orders had on the trade. A detailed chronological trading journal is thus important in the verification of a methodology’s efficacy in a bid ascertain its suitability.


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