Group Development Application Paper


Different groups are formed in an organization to assist the organization in attaining different operation goals. This paper will be based on planning and development of groups’ management in a technology based company producing electronic gadgets. The electronic producing organization has been selected in this case since it involves a number of processes that would demand working together as a group. For instance, there is research and development group which will be required to come up with new ideas to create new products and to improve the current products for a higher marketability. There is the design and engineering group to develop designs for different products, there is the manufacturing group that is involved in processing and production, and marketing group that would be responsible of increasing sales. In this regard, it is easy to select one group to focus as a manager or based on individual career.

Relation of the Settings to my Career Field

The success of any organization depends on general performance of an organization which is contributed by the effort of each department. To enhance effective performance, each department must perform efficiently so use to complete the performance of others. The success operation of different departments in this organization will depend on the quality of management provided in each department. The organization require a high level of management to enhance growth and development. Different groups such as the design and engineering group, as well as research and development groups may require a manager specialized with management in those field so as to employ the department’s skills in management. However, they will all require general management to enhance overall performance and to ensure full contributions of all departments to enhance performance.

The paper will focus on developing different organization groups based on different departments and managing them as one group to enhance the organization performance.  Being an electronic products producing organization, the company will require all the above mentioned sub-groups to enhance performance. Each individual group performance will play a great role in determining the future of the company. In this regard, total guidance and supervision of each sub-group will play a great part in enhancing total organization performance. This is more applicable when the company is producing a new product in the market. The effort of marketers, designers, research and development as well as manufacturing personnel will be needed to enhance project success and thus, overall group management will be essential. I intend to be organization manager in the future and therefore overall management of the organization by enhancing individual department performance will be my major role in the future organization that I will lead.

Why Groups are needed in this Setting

Electronic engineering and development is an organization that requires the idea of different people to be able to produce viable products that are acceptable by many and that meet their particular needs. The company will need ideas from different designers before it approve the final design for any new product. It will require extra information from research and development team which will aid designers in fine tuning their design to develop more unique and sophisticated products. The manufacturing group will be required to produce the designed products and to assemble them without making any mistakes. This may require a high level of consultation and sharing of ideas among specialists in this group. Finally, the company will need the marketing group to create product awareness and to promote the sale of the manufactured products. They will also be required to survey consumers’ tastes and preferences, competitors’ products and their proficiency and provide this information to the design and engineering as well as research and development team to use it effectively to improve the company’s product. In this regard, groups are very essential in this form of organization.

Group Development Plan

Group Structure

The group structure will focus on four important aspects. They will include roles, communication, attraction and authority. The organization workers who can perform same duties or roles will be placed in the same group. This will include engineers, researchers, manufactures and marketers. Each group will have a leader who will be determined based on the level of knowledge in the field and personal ability to lead others. However, the leader main role is to coordinate and create an environment where others feel free to communicate openly and to share ideas. The leader will mainly focus on enhancing agreement after the generation of different views. The leader will act as a bridge between the overall manager and the group and also among other groups. The group will adopt open communication where they can all share knowledge and information (Ammeter & Dukerich, 2002). Common sitting for all will be enhanced to discuss new ideas and to development them where the knowledge of each subgroup will be considered to be able to enhance the production of the best product. This may involve all or the leaders from each subgroup and the organization manager. The group will only maintain cordial relationship without any form of romantic attraction to enhance working relation and to remain focus to the organization’s goal (Home2, n.d).

Background Factor Considerations

The background factor to be considered in the development of the group is the career specialization and the role of an individuals in the organization. Each individual will fit in a different group based on individual career specialization. In addition, the leadership level and authority will highly be influence with professional and academic proficiency and also with the personality traits of a person. The most knowledgeable individual with the ability to guide others and enhance their ability to share ideas will highly be considered. In case more than one person have these traits the person who can effectively enhance teamwork in a group will be appointed as the leader.

Leadership Style

The main role of forming group in this organization is to enhance overall organization performance. In this regard the adopted form of leadership will focus on enhancing collaboration, teamwork and open communication in the organization. In this regard, participative leadership will be adopted in this group development where the group members input will highly be encouraged and considered while making final decision regarding the next step the company should take. The participative leadership is highly adopted due to its ability to enhance communication and to boost workers morale which is needed to enhance good organization performance (Johnson, 2015).

Stages of Development

The group development in this case will adopt Tuckman model of group development. This model contains five major stages that include forming, adjourning, storming, performing and norming. However, the group will not experience the adjourning stage. The forming stage will involve gathering information about each other to be able to know each other and individuals’ contribution to the organization as they continue with their routine work. The storming stage will involves addressing the actual issues and their actual role in the group and the organizations. The stage will focus on eliminating conflict and enhancing group members understanding of the group and the organization goals. The norming stage will involve the definition of the group rules, task and responsibilities scope. Clear agreements will be anticipated in this stage. The final stage which is anticipated to remain for so long is the performing stage where after understanding the requirements, the group member will work flexibly and interdependently  to attain the group’s goals (Tep.uoregon, n.d.).

Decision Making Approaches

The group decision making process will include nominal group technique, and brainstorming based on the uniqueness of the problem. Nominal group technique involves having subgroups where ideas will be generated separately and quietly and then the best option is voted for in a combined gathering. Brainstorming involves the participation of all group members to define solution to a problem by generating ideas where the best option is identified and implemented (Sarkissian, 2015).


The project assisted me in learning how a group can be used to enhance performance in an organization. The project has exposed me into different leadership styles and given me an opportunity to select the best leadership style to enhance group functionality. It has also enlightened me on different models that one can use to develop a group based on the purpose of the group. The project has also enable me to understand different group decision making processes based on the nature of the group and that of the problem. This project has plaid a great role in uplifting my knowledge with issues related to group development and management.

I have learnt that to obtain fruitful general performance, each group of specialists has a role to play and failure of one group in its performance can highly impact the general performance of the organization. Therefore, effective group involvement through employing the right group development procedure, and the right leadership are among some of the strategies I will employ when developing my own leadership. Open communication and active participation will be my great focus while developing my own leadership development.

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