Health Care System Reforms Presentation – Kaplan HA415

Impact of Risks and Uncertainties to the Healthcare stakeholders

The risks and uncertainties related with healthcare cost and spending increases employers desire to provide fully medical insurance cover to all their employees especially those in lower ranks and hence with lower earnings

Insurance companies only insure those that have a low chance of being in any medical complication unless it happens by accident and not those who may constantly need that money due to their poor health or elderly age

Unemployed are normally supported by the government where they receive a certain amount of monthly allowance. This include health and thus, any medical immergency does not guarantee extra funds or free medical survices due to unemployment state

The current healthcare system in America has a number of problems that include:

Americans uses much more per dollar spending and obtains very little in the return

Although the country is very rich, it is the only country among other rich countries that does not offer universal healthcare insurance coverage to its citizens

America also has a huge number of under-insured citizens

The quality and safety of care is not standardized and it is believed that low cost matches lower quality and thus, public hospitals are highly disregarded

Proposed Solution

Universal health insurance have been used in a number of developed nations and have played a great role in ensuring good health in the nation such that the countries still use a lower percentage of their GDP on health as compared to the US that still use more in healthcare but acquire less.

Standardized operations in both public and private hospitals is a technique employed in France to ensure equal and standard care for all despite of their social status

Improvement in healthcare safety and quality by proper supervision, standardization of operations in all healthcare facilities, and funding based on merit will push healthcare facilities in enhancing their quality of care


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