Hiring, Inducting And Retaining A Cinema Human Resource Manager

You are the Human Resource manager of a large cinema chain based in London. The cinema manager in one of the branches will soon retire. You have been asked to hire a new cinema manager who will be responsible for the overall running of that cinema. Outline and explain the steps you need to follow to hire and successfully induct and retain the new cinema manager. How will the current state of the UK employment market affect your resourcing approach? Use academic sources to support your answer.’ (2,500-3,000 words)
A good approach to the essay topic would:

  • Discuss the role of Human Resource planning in the resourcing process and discuss how HR planning should be used in the cinema scenario;
  • Explain the importance of the job analysis stage and how it should be conducted for the cinema manager role;
  • Present and justify the choice of internal/external recruitment tools and selection techniques appropriate for hiring the cinema manager;
  • Discuss the importance of an effective induction and appropriate retention strategies in ensuring that the cinema manager effectively settles in his/her new role and does not leave the organisation;
  • Discuss the current state of the UK employment market and how it might affect the resourcing strategy for the cinema manager;
  • Provide an effective conclusion.
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