HIS201 All Unit’s Forums With Sample Answers

Unit 1: European Explorations

Debate the pros and cons of the early European explorations of the Americas. Should these expeditions be remembered as the brutal conquest of innocent native people or celebrated for the discovery of the New World and allowing for the eventual development of the United States of America?

Unit 2: Revolutionary Radicalism

As mentioned in the attached reading on Revolutionary radicalism, the colonial response to British laws following the French and Indian War was extremely violent in many cases. Many would argue that it was the responsibility of the colonists to pay taxes such as those presented by Britain in the form of The Stamp Act, Sugar Act, and Tea Act.

  1. To what extent were the colonists justified in the reactions to Britain’s increased involvement in the colonies after the French and Indian War? Point to specific instances where the colonists were or were not justified in their reactions.
  2. Were the British justified in their increased involvement in the colonies, such as through new forms of taxation? In both cases, use specific examples to support your arguments. Cite all of your sources.

Unit 3: Revolutionary War

Were the British more responsible for losing the war or were the colonists more responsible for winning it? Use specific examples from this week’s readings to support your response, and be detailed. Cite any sources used beyond the te

Unit 4: Accomplishments of the US Government

What were the four greatest accomplishments of the United States government from 1789-1821? You might consider pieces of legislation, Supreme Court decisions, events related to the War of 1812, presidential actions, or any other significant accomplishments discussed in the reading.xt reading, and provide a response of at least 150 words.

Unit 5: Andrew Jackson

Andrew Jackson is usually regarded as one of the top fifteen presidents in American History –see Presidential Survey. Based on what you’ve read about Jacksonian democracy, the spoils system, Indian Removal, the Nullification crisis, and the War on the Bank, why do you think he is rated among the top fifteen? How would you grade him (you may use the conventional A, B…F grading system)?

Unit 6.1: Reform

Chapter 11 focuses on reform. Choose the reformer from Chapter 11 that you believe contributed the most to society during that time period. You may choose someone from any area of reform, including religion. Support your argument with evidence from the text book and your own research, and cite your sources.

Unit 6.2: Pre-Civil War Slavery

When discussing slavery in the pre-Civil War South, what are the four most important details for someone trying to understand this time period to be aware of? Support your arguments with specific evidence from the readings.

Unit 7: Manifest Destiny

Was the United States justified in its “Manifest Destiny” of Westward expansion to the Pacific Ocean? Support your argument with specific details from the reading, and cite all of your sources.

Unit 8: The Civil War

You may choose only ONE of the following topics to respond to this week. Be detailed in your response. Clearly cite all of your sources.

  1. The Civil War featured many great generals from both the Union and Confederate armies. Some of these men had gone to college together at West Point Academy with the common goal of defending their nation but now found themselves on opposite sides of the battlefield. Choose any three Civil War generals and rank them in order of their ability to command. Support your response with specific accomplishments or failures of each general or
  2. Abraham Lincoln is consistently ranked among the top American presidents of all time according to a Siena College poll of historians (seehttp://www.americanpresidents.org/survey/historians/). Do you agree with Lincoln’s high ranking, or do you think he is overrated as a U.S. president? List and explain specific examples for your position.
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