HIS201 Midterm Paper Instructions And A Sample Answer

For your midterm assignment you will write a 3-4 page thesis paper on either of the topics listed below. Use APA format (see the Course Information link for information on this format), and view the Social Studies paper rubric for grading guidelines in the Course Information section as well.

You may choose one of the following topics taken from the first four units:

  1. The colonists and Britain had a decent relationship with one another during the early years of settlement in the Americas. Had the British dealt with colonial problems in a slightly different manner, the relationship may have been prolonged, or everlasting. What were the three major events or mistakes made by Britain that led to the Revolutionary War?
  2. Many important Americans took part in the American Revolution and helped to set up the government. We often refer to these men as the Founding Fathers. What three Americans from the 1700s do you believe played the most important role in establishing the United States of America?

Your assignment will be to take a clear side on the issue and to support your thesis with clear arguments and evidence (cite your sources, you must use APA format throughout). For example, if you were to write a paper on whether a liberal or conservative approach to domestic policy would better suit the US currently, your thesis should look something like this: “An ideology of liberalism will better suit our country at this point in time.” You might go on to support your thesis with arguments such as “The failure of big businesses proves that these businesses cannot be trusted with the economic freedom valued by conservatives.” Then you will back up your argument with evidence (you might talk about governmental deregulation of business in the late 1980s-1990s and explain how this contributed to economic collapse). Make sure your sources are reputable (stay away from Wikipedia), and be sure to cite your sources carefully. I do check for plagiarism, and whether it is accidental or intended, it will result in a zero. You must use at least four different sources for this paper.

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