How To Ensure The Strategic Plans Meet The Objectives And Values Of A Company

To ensure that the strategic plans meet the set objectives of the company it is important to consider the vision and mission of the company and align the business operations in the company to them while at the same time using the vapours values to direct the workers towards meeting the set objectives of the company using the strategic plan. The strategic plans are put in place to bring about various changes that would boost the company’s sales and position in the market (Goetsch & Davis, 2014). As such I would aim to ensure that the employees in the organisation understand the different strategies to be used in meeting the demand of the customer and gaining new customers as a result. I would thus focus on executing the vision and mission of McDonalds in bringing about the changes that are required and in meeting the strategic goals and objectives of the company. The mission clearly speaks on the how the direction the company takes and therefore clearly implementing the mission in the business operations daily and gauging the business tasks on the company’s objectives will help in meeting the goals set in the company. As such the concentration will be on the customers and their needs at present and in future as the company continues to study the market to come up with new products. Furthermore the mission statement great elucidates on the efficient provision of services to customers and ensuring quality and cleanliness and thus making the customer experience unforgettable. In this regard I will ensure that the mission and vision are clearly elaborated to the employees as they provide services so that they don’t deviate from the plan set by the company to be competitive and profitable at the same time providing quality commodities for the customers.

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