Human Factors Analysis

The different ideas presented by PEAR, SHELL, and Ergonomics all seek to help us better understand the human elements in a system and how they interact with other elements. It is important to realize that, though these models are different, they are often talking about the same thing. For example, they all recognize the importance of understanding the environment in a system, and how it affects the people that work there. Additionally, they all refer to the people in the system and how they work as a team or interact with each other. This assignment will help you better appreciate both the similarities and differences between these different models.

These models and other theories we will review later seek to improve our understanding of the human element so that organizations can increase performance and safety of their workers and in turn increase their productivity and profit. One of the main goals is to avoid accidents. However, when accidents do occur it is important to investigate them thoroughly in order to prevent them from happening again. The Colgan Air 3407 accident was a tragic event that cost lives. The NTSB has provided a very detailed report on the accident. Additionally, there is a video that presents a dramatization of the accident and investigation.

Select one of the models presented in this module (SHELL, PEAR, Ergonomics) and use it to examine the Colgan Air 3407 accident. Identify different aspects from your model as they appear in the video and discuss how they were involved in the accident. Which elements ( i.e., Software, Hardward, Liveware from SHELL) might have helped prevent the accident under different circumstances? What information could you gather from this kind of analysis that would help improve safety? Your answer should be at least 500 words and should illustrate a detailed review of at least three elements. Make sure you also discuss the interactions between your chosen elements and how they influenced the outcome.

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