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Organizations with expansive  workforce   in this aspect require the human resource manager so as to  deal with   the diverse dimensions of human resource, therefore, human resource management  main  purpose is  to  focus on  the coordination of the employees in an organization because they occupy  a  dynamic section in organization  when  dealing with complex situation  that requires policies to manage them all spheres. However, the main function of the human resource management is to perform the comprehensive management that entails the hiring of qualified persons’ in an organization, they regularly also determine the workforce needed in the organization and also they ensure that employees who have done extra ordinary tasks are motivated or rewarded. They  do re-training, promotions, and   various  employment related work of employees, hence human resource in best suited to planning and policy formulation of the employees,

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Recruitment in employment implies to selecting the potential employee who meets the standard  merits  or relevant  features  needed in the organization, for instance, when a candidates are presumed to be unsuitable, then he is disqualified  from participating  in the recruitment  session, the policies  therefore guide the recruitment exercise  either on casual or contract as has the laid down  requirements, which constitute  a basis of running the effective, transparent and  fair selection process in an organization.

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According to Hopkins &Markham,(2003).Online recruitment  is the facilitation process of organization  employees  using internet  , it can be used to asses or  carry out interview in different location, the system used enables diverse acquiring of the staff globally since the system are integrated  to deal with the activities  of the organization hence  the job posted  instantly  reflects to the job seekers,

Effectiveness of online recruitment

When the manager does the recruitment  online, it save time cost and energy  since the  candidates  quickly select  and instantly apply, unlike  previous  mode where the manager was required to post  the vacancies on the notice board  which only served those within the vicinity, In online hiring, it  is effective  and speedy   way when trying to source  applicants who are spread across the  world, (David 1989).It is considered preferable choice   and effective because  it  increases the quality of the candidate  and builds the company’s reputation hence it  gives competitive platform  with other organization who use the technology.

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However, online management have not been  embraced by majority as result of reluctance by the top leadership, they traverse issues  that online  applications do not give the detailed information of the applicants ,it neither  portray the experience  nor the exact knowledge of an individual’s because  since most of the applicant cannot  receive clarification  assistance when transacting the application hence  becomes hectic during the  actual work performance.

The  Mitigation strategies of internet recruitment.

Despite numerous and a great contribution of  online hiring, perhaps it  has some weakness for instance ,majority of the organization have received numerous complaints from the applicants that there  is no privacy to their personal information hence causing harm, most  of individual and the recruiting agency  gives shallow information thus gives them a draw back  to  full utilization of online hiring. This therefore  forms an   urgent need  for the system to be  upgraded  to give   privacy, also the website must not only give the assumptions of the job but rather  it should  give  a chance for candidate to negotiate on the  salary payments , the salaries indicated by the organization  might be low hence  no room for the bargaining ,this results discouragement of the applicants in applying for the job. (Thomas &  Anderson,1998).

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The company must also   outline the working culture  so as to make the candidate understand the overview of the working conditions, most applicants get frustrated along the way  when they find the working condition stressful forcing them to abandon the  job.

Education background also  forms a setback because most people do not have computers and so  less likely to consider the unfortunate generation who are  qualified and willing to apply but lack the base  ,as a way of  mitigation , the recruiting agencies can have information centers in the  middle class communities so that they can learn  and access more about using computer.

Common psychological contract of employees

Psychologically, human needs form the fundamental part of psychological   functioning of a man. In contractual perspective, the employer must ensure that the employees are comfortable  in order to increase the productivity of the firm,  employees full   participation to  organization entirely lies n the human resource manager. In order to achieve there is need to  have attractive remuneration which will elicit  motivation to a employee.(Igbaria & Parasuraman1989). Psychological contract enables the employee to perform more higher work only when his job security and wages are adequately assured to him hence the  exchange in the firm productivity will be felt .

The strategies used in attracting high quality of employee remuneration.

Human resource manager  in partnership with the executive aims at recruiting the working force that will have long term effect to the organization, in ensuring these, it is necessary to have high quality  recruitment process, the job market each and every day becomes competitive  hence  manager should  too recruit persons with  competence.  They will professionally at the end  produce quality service delivery and increase client satisfaction, if  poor polices are used during the recruitment exercise, it will  also affect the organization indirectly negative for lengthy period ,it will  lead to poor returns at the long run. Research has revealed that most organization have remained poor because of lack of clear recruiting guidelines which affects the share market of their produced goods, therefore the management should take into consideration the initial process of  hiring more profound  and keen.

Attribute of motivation in the job environment

Most of the organization on daily basis  handle the obstacles  which  undermines the performance of the organization, in this scenario, it  needs to check the plan to  effectively  develop and maintain the employees ,here,  the manager should be keen in  motivating the employees, in this case, motivation is a cost e effective method of capacity building the employees since it  develops the personality of the employee leading to higher production as a result  of  inward satisfaction, the manager must always  understand the attribute of motivation  by examining its implication  to the organization, keeping the   employees motivated  reduces the misuse of  resources, labor turnover  and even  absenteeism.

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The Purpose of security measures in prevention of unauthorized online recruitment.

On today’s generation, security  forms the global aspect of concern  since it determines the level of development in certain state, the rise and the  use of technology  especially in the online hiring requires a clear framework that  will outline the safety of the applicants information, cyber crime has been rampant  and  hindrance globally, because of these, hackers can  fraud the transaction on both the organization and individual, the  data of the  society is paramount  and thus the human resource manager too  must have password used to log in the  website for the confidential purpose, it’s a major concern  because the impact of fraud can affect the performance of the organization which will further affect the candidates who use online job seeking, for instance hacker can carry out   fraud   from the victim system unaware.

More often, the recruiting agencies and the media have advocated for privacy on data, lack of security or privacy undermines the freedom of the applicants who will end up declining to participate in online application; ultimately, security enhances data confidentiality and governs the resources of the organization. The authentication helps in the verification only to the user hence preventing the cases of unlawful access to restricted data zones. (Saks & Ashforth, 2000).

The relevant authorities  including the government  should b therefore  put firm structures all over the region to suppress the suspects from engaging  in the illegal activity, the existence of clear procedures  will help  detect a given signal them owner of the information can get a signal  fraud taking place.

In conclusion the tremendous roles  influenced by online recruitment of employees  has initiated the development of  effective saving of time during the process of recruitment, the process is currently emphasized by the organization  so as to achieve the  intend purpose of recruiting high quality working force who will drive the organization in achieving its target goals. Nearly for the past years, most of the organizations have invested heavily in designing the organization website that would help to seek international recognition and the global strengthening of business ties.

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