Human Trafficking During The Expansion of Europe – Research Paper

Outline for Research Paper

The Research Paper topic Human Trafficking During The Expansion of Europe is assigned at this time.  There are Intermediate Assignments for the final paper; the due dates can be found listed by scrolling to the above section.

  1. The purpose of this paper is to have you understand the historical context of your primary sources, as well as how to defend and explain your interpretation of the historical causation of slavery in the context of the expansion of Europe.  You will also be asked to relate the problem of human trafficking back to our own culture today.  Hopefully, you will gain knowledge of the complexity that comes in trying to understand the many aspects to historical causation.
  2. Your first Intermediate Assignment associated with you Research Paper is the following:
    • Please find by the beginning of next week, four sources for your paper, two primary and two secondary.  The secondary sources will be two research articles on this topic and will be written by historians.  You may use the reading by the African Ruler, King Affonso, for one of your primary sources:
    • The next step will be the following:  Read all the materials for your paper.  While you are reading, highlight parts you may want to use in your paper.
    • Next, you will submit all of your highlighted sources to me, the instructor
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