Hybrid Ventilation System – Recommendation For Ventilation System

Imagine that you are a safety officer, and you have been asked to recommend a type of ventilation system for your company. Which one would you choose, and why?

Hybrid Ventilation System

As a safety officer, I would recommend the use of hybrid ventilation system in the company. Hybrid ventilation involves the use of mechanical and natural form of ventilation. Natural ventilation involves driving outdoor air via building envelope, purpose-built openings. The purpose-built opening comprises of trickle ventilators, windows, wind towers, doors, and solar chimneys. In this case buildings will be designed to allow natural flow of air. Mechanical ventilation involves use of machines available to enhance ventilation and air circulation, which are built based on the purpose of the building and the climate. Hybrid or mixed-mode ventilation depends on natural driving forces to offer the desired rate of flow. It employs mechanical ventilation when the flow rate of natural ventilation is too low. In case natural ventilation is not sufficient, exhaust fans can be integrated to increase rates of ventilation in respectful locations. The hybrid type of ventilation will be the best choice since it is economical such that, the company gets to utilize natural ventilation as long as they are viable and get to reduce on utility bills. The method is also reliable and convenient since when natural ventilation is not sufficient for the required flow rate, the system will have a way to boost it using the mechanical set up. This makes it cheaper to maintain the system than in any mechanical method, and enhance availability beyond the natural level.  

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