Importance of Theory in Nursing – NR- 501 Discussion

Importance of Theory in Nursing

Nursing theory acts as nursing building blocks. Nursing theory offer principles which underpin practice and assist to create nursing knowledge. Nursing theory have played a major role in the growth and development of nursing practice to the level it is in today. Nursing theory also plays a major role in defining nursing practices and behaviors (Smith & Parker, 2010). For Instance, the behavioral system model for nursing theory developed by Dorothy Johnson in 1980. This theory define the behavior of nurses during their operations and while handling the patients (Smith & Parker, 2010). It serves as the source of nursing code of conduct which currently guide nurses on how to behave with patients. This theory have played a major role in protecting patients from ill nursing behaviors that would shorten their life or make their condition worse. It has also increased the nurses’ level of commitment toward their roles. The behavioral system model for nurses define the behavioral standards of all nurses. This ensure uniformity in their behavior and quality of care provided. It also gives assurance to patients, since under this guidance, a nurse is anticipated to be more concern about the patient’s welfare and to be responsible of the patient’s wellbeing.

Other theories such as the dynamic nurse-patient relationship, created by Ida Jean Orlando in 1961, defines who a nurse should relate with the patient and how a nurse should behave in different situations (Smith & Parker, 2010). This theory protect nurses from developing unnecessary psychological disorder such as vicarious trauma for being highly involved with patient’s problems. It also guides on how to maintain professional relationship for better patient outcome. This theory also contribute a great deal in the development of nursing code of conduct on aspect related to nurse-patient relationship. This shows that nursing theory play a major role in underpinning practices and enhancing nursing practice development.


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