Inclusion and LRE

  1. Most students with learning disabilities currently receive their instruction in general education classrooms. Some fear that students who are fully included in the regular education classrooms. Some fear that students who are fully included in the regular education classroom will not get the academic support they need. What would you say to a parent who voiced this concern?
  2. When and how should remediation occur when a student is lacking specific prerequisite academic skills, such as writing in complete sentences?
  3. What kinds of accommodations might be made for a student with learning disabilities in the regular education classrooms?

    • Allow a student who has trouble writing to give his/her answers orally. The student is still expected to know the same material and still answer the full question, he/she just doesn’t have to hand write out the answer.
    • Allowing the student more time to finish an assignment.
    • Clarify directions – Clear directions are essential. A student that is having difficulty understanding the directions may manifest the behavior that can be misinterpreted as noncompliance or a behavior problem. You need to make sure you have the students attention before giving the directions. Ask for a response from the student to make sure he or she is listening. Be simple and specific, and use positive directions. Include examples and modeling of the behavior or activity.
  4. What concerns may parents of general education students have when there are students with special needs in their child’s classroom?

    • What happens when special needs child keeps disrupting the general education students learning time? How will the curriculum be taught with general education students and special needs students are in the same class?
  5. Do you think there may be some instances where inclusion may not be the best situation? Why or why not?
  6. Is it fair to require students with special needs to participate in high-stakes standardized testing? Why or why not?
  7. As a future teacher (general ed or special ed) would you prefer to have students with special needs included in the general ed classroom or in a special ed resource classroom?
  8. What do you see as the challenges of being a teacher with students both in general ed and SPED in your classroom?
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