Information Technology Certification Review Instructions

Information Technology Certification are standardized tests that validate your knowledge in a specific area of IT. Having at least one certification before you complete your Bachelor’s degree will help set you apart from other job seekers. There are a plethora of certifications available. Refer to this article that highlights many of them.

Choose a certification that no one else in the class has reviewed. Research your chosen certification, and examine the necessary steps to become certified.

Share the following information on your chosen Information Technology Certification with your classmates:

  • What is the process associated with becoming certified?
  • What is the estimated amount of time necessary to prepare for the certification exam?
  • What requirements are associated with the certification?

Research IT job descriptions, and locate one that requires a certification and one that does not require a certification. Offer your thoughts about reasons that one organization might require a certification while another does not.

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One of the emerging trends in information technology is the rise in the number and type of Information Technology Certifications available to IT professionals. Find at least five certifications targeted at IT professionals and write a 3- to 4-page paper that answers the following:

  • Provide a brief history of the credential and credentialing body.
  • Explain the purpose of the certification and the certification audience.
  • Describe the acceptance of the credential in the field, such as how many job listings require the credential, and so on.

Select which credential you think will be the most important in the next 5 years and explain why.

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