Informative Research Speech Assignment Instructions

Informative Research Speech Assignment

Inform or persuade the audience about a topic of your choice. The speech is different form the informative visual aid speech in that, while you may include visual aids if you like, the major focus of this speech should be on selecting appropriate and relevant verbal citations to include in the speech. These citations should be necessary for a further understanding of the topic. For example, avoid needless verbal citations such as: “Webster’s Dictionary defines a headache as a pain in the head.” This is a poorly selected verbal citation for at least 2 reasons: first, we probably all have a basic dictionary, and you did not need to do research to find this, and second, it is very basic information and does virtually nothing to further our understanding of headaches. However, using a nursing or pre-med physiology text or dictionary will give a more precise and acceptable definition.

Again, a Power Point presentation of only your speaking outline is not acceptable (it may be fine for an early morning business meeting, but not for this assignment).

For this speech you must include a MINIMUM of three verbal citations from a minimum of three different sources. Do not select only web-site sources, but you may use Internet published paper print sources; i.e. Chicago Tribune Online, Sports Illustrated Online, JAMA Online, EBSCO journal search, etc. Make sure any Internet sources you choose will pass the credibility test as described in Chapters 6 & 7 of your textbook. While you are only required to include 3 citations, there are grading spots for 5! See the Instructor’s Evaluation Form in your Speaker’s Packet. Please work to incorporate the citations smoothly into your speech. Work on eye contact, so you don’t have to look down the entire time you are presenting the citation. If it is a long quote, you may wish to paraphrase the author’s words so that the citation does not disrupt the flow of your speech. Also, be sure to vary the method of presenting the citation so that we don’t hear “According to…” at the beginning of each of your citations. Attach a bibliography in MLA format to the formal outline that only includes the sources that you actually cited in your speech. You do not need to include the entire citation on the outline, but you should indicate where you are planning to us verbal citations and which source you are planning to use.

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