Informative Speech Outline

Create your informative speech outline. This outline should be a full-sentence, full-content plan of your ideas. This speech requires research. In addition to citing sources in your outline, you must also submit a reference page in APA style. This outline must be typed and must also be saved in .doc (Microsoft Word) format. Once you submit your outline, check back here for your outline feedback. Incorporate this feedback into your final outline that you will turn in when you deliver your speech.

Assignment Overview

This writing assignment provides you with practice creating a formal outline for a informative speech.

Assignment Details – Perform the following tasks:

  • Review the information presented in the lesson.
  • Create a formal outline for your informative speech. Be sure to include the Introduction, Body, and Conclusion sections in your formal outline.
  • Create a reference list including all sources you use to locate information for your outline.
  • Save and submit your document (.doc format).

The superior outline (grade A):

  • Topic is creative, appropriate, and original.
  • Name, general purpose, specific purpose, and thesis statement (central idea) are included.
  • Constitutes a genuine contribution by the speaker to the knowledge or beliefs of the audience.
  • Remains audience-centered throughout outline.
  • Content fits the assignment.
  • Contains elements of vividness and special interest in the use of language.
  • Language is clear, concise, memorable, and easy to follow.
  • If sources are required, high quality sources are used.
  • If sources are required, adheres to quantity of sources rule (one source per minute for total amount of sources).

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