Innovation from Google’s Free Food Strategy – Sample Paper

Am basing my research on the Fortunes Magazine’s “Best Company to work for in 2014” and number 1 ranked company Google. The most successful technology industry based company has been indeed successful and named as the top employer to work for several times since it opened its doors in the year 1998 (Kaufman, 2013). I will also look at their mission statement and business plans and how they use employee’s welfares to draw and maintain the best employees.

Mission and Business Model

Google mission statement is that one which does not involve a lot of the components that are used to evaluate a quality mission statement. It fails to accompany the customer, concern of existence or public image amongst other things, but at the same time this little open minded mission statement accomplices the company as a whole and their open innovation philosophy.

Google’s mission is to put in order the world’s information and create it be universally reachable and beneficial.

Google Best Company to work for in 2014
Google Best Company to work for in 2014

The Google business model is a Business model canvas. As a world prominent technology company and the most common search engine on the internet. They have come up with an exceedingly successful primary pay stream with the price tag per click in which advertisers pay every time a user clicks on the advertisement link (Levering and Moskowitz, 2010). This has taken charge of most of the revenue the company earns despite of the recent undertakings into the market. They have commenced buying companies like Nest to try generating new revenue streams as well as begin the Google Apps, Androids and other more opportunities arising. With this kind of movement exhibited by the company, it has steadfast and is proceeding to stay with same business model.

Due to its prospective market and special product attributes, Google can be seen as a company that focusses on well-defined market niche keyed to a particular product. So Google applies a focused differentiation strategy.

Google’s Culture and Leaders

Google’s culture is simply to keep an open environment the same as a startup company would appear to be between management and employees. They carry on filling their positions with people that believe in what they are doing and taking care of those people to maintain them and push them to be creative with what they enjoy. They believe in working with minor teams to promote team work, but also encourage helping where you can even if it is to help another team in a different manner.

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