Doing International Business – PowerPoint Presentation

Executive Summary

  • Leaders face significant challenges while attempting to integrate corporate social responsibilities
  • The degree of seriousness varies given on the nature of the business.
  • In most businesses, there is disastrous public relations fallout.
  • This occurs when the company outsources work to other nations.
  • Employment is the most significant consideration in public relations protests.
  • There is a need to ensure that the company diversifying the approach works correctly with the host country.
  • The commencing presentation will be establishing schemes of doing business in a host environment.
  • Critical analysis will be passed on the role of leadership in conforming to the required corporate social responsibility.


Leadership Consideration

  • Considerably, doing business in another country is a much more like sending product overseas.
  • For leadership, the managers should develop a unique entrepreneurial spirit within the large organization, called intrapreneur.
  • Such a strategy encourages an exhibit the characteristics of entrepreneurs without having to risk the real business assets in the venture.
  • The leadership should minimize the risk by pursuing high-risk with shareholder funds.
  • After assessing and determining risk, it is essential to get the company proper commitment.

Leadership Consideration

  • Hence, the group should initiate good engineering, production, purchasing, and sales.
  • The leader should also develop a global business plan and redefine the company goals and objectives.
  • This can be achieved by strategizing a proper status with cohesive internal objectives and commitment.
  • In addition, the company should determine what should be risked in order to develop go international.
  • The leadership should also determine the lead-time required for such an expansion.


Changing leadership strategies in the local environment

  • Ideally, going global requires the initiation of the appropriate management strategy.
  • In today’s context, there are significant democratic and political institutions that provide promises for market-friendly policies.
  • Technically, the literature on the democratic peace points a number of the causal mechanisms linking democratic institutions to higher levels of credibility in the international system (Malihi, 2014, p. 22).
  • The host country mechanism as well translates to higher levels of credibility when dealing with multinational firms.
  • Institutional business checks and balances provide structural policy constraints with a goal of providing multinational with a de facto commitment to stabilizing policy stability


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