International Disaster Management and Future Trends / Challenges – Global Warming Presentation

Man-Made and Natural Disaster

  • Global warming is a synthetic disaster
  • It is caused by consistent greenhouse and industrial emissions
  • Gasses lead to the destruction of glass walls
  • A destroyed ozone layer presents challenges.
  • Creation of U.V waves


Challenges caused by Global warming

  • Global warming leads to increased temperatures
  • Leads to ocean acidulation’
  • Puts a strain on natural ecosystems
  • Leads to rising seas
  • Leads to increased feminine levels
  • Possible extinction of some species

NASA and Red Cross Tackling Global Warming

Global warming has become a stubborn problem. Multiple organizations, government based or private have been pursuing strategies to identify and mitigate the problem. NASA has been a leading organization committed to mitigating the possible effects of global warming. Although NASA has not provided direct contribution in mitigating global warming, the significant contribution suggests that NASA has continued providing critical findings on global warming. For example, the NASA-MIT study strongly suggests that the earth is much more active in managing its atmospheric temperature than the computer models have assumed, and much less sensitive to warming effects. NASA Global warming world book provides excellent and extensive information on global warming including satellite images, interactive features, videos, and 3D images. According to NASA, Greenland’s ice sheet is melting at the edges. In fact, scientists argued that resulting increase in sea level of .005 inch annually will not set off any alarm bells. Nevertheless, if melting does accelerate, this puts at risk about three-fourth of the world population that lives in coastal areas (Dance, 2012, p. 6). The ice sheet is a mile and a half thick in some places.

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