Job Description – Customer Service Call Center Supervisor

Assignment Instructions

Create a job description for the role of supervisor of a customer service call center. Include the following sections:

  • Basic role purpose:
    • What are the key features of the position?
    • How does this job fit into the company?
  • Duties and responsibilities:
    • List all potential facets of the job.
  • Organizational relationship:
    • To whom does the supervisor report?
    • How many direct reports does he or she have?
  • Position requirements and specifications:
    • List education, prior work experience, and skills needed in order to be considered for the job.
    • Explain your work. Why did you include the items in each section?
    • What criteria in the job description helps define a good supervisor?

Include a minimum of two sources, which may consist of readings from the University Library, your text, and other selections such as websites.

Sample Answer

Supervisor Job Description

Basic Role Purpose

A supervisor of a customer service call centre is an essential element in an organization with regard to ensuring that everything in the department is a success. Some of the key features of the position include the following; the position entails organizing and directing the employees who work in a call centre in an organization. In an effort to maximize performance in the call centre and the organization at large, the call centre supervisor assesses their work and gives feedback accordingly. For this reason, it is required that a suitable call centre supervisor should have supervisory and customer service experience. Motivation and communication are also extremely essential aspects of this position. One should also be organized and have a result-oriented approach. The position of a call centre supervisor is to allow for the achievement of excellent performance from the different teams involved (Certo, 2015). In turn, this leads to sustainable organizational growth and enhanced productivity and profitability.

The job fits into the company since it has a call centre. The unit needs a supervisor who will be in charge of different roles and duties as will be discussed later in this paper. Being a large company, the call centre plays a significant role in coordinating different operations and process of the organization.

Duties and Responsibilities

A supervisor of a customer service call centre is charged with a variety of duties and responsibilities. They include;

  • Managing a team of agents and staff in the call centre
  • Being available to answer questions
  • Attending to calls that agents are unable to handle
  • Monitoring queues and tracking inbound calls and keeping the agents informed of the same
  • Providing positive communication and feedback to motivate and encourage agents
  • Presenting awards and commendations
  • Ensuring effective bookkeeping by preparing results and performance reports
  • Maintaining call centre database
  • Communicating organization information
  • Ensuring adherence to policies and procedures (Workable, 2017).

Organizational Relationship

The supervisor does not work in isolation with other people in an organization. This means that they have work with both senior and junior employees to ensure that the overall goals and objectives of the organizations are met. The number of employees depends on the size of a call centre. Nonetheless, the following are some of the individuals that a call centre supervisor will have to interact and work with in different instances; call centre agents, centre managers, trainers, coaches, operational managers and human resources lead among others. The supervisor reports to the contact manager and the customer service director. This means that the call centre supervisor has two direct reports. On the other hand, the call centre agents or customer support representatives report directly to the call centre supervisor (Choi, Cheong & Feinberg, 2012). All these parties have to work together in an efficient manner for success to be achieved in the call centre and the organization as a whole.

Position Requirements and Specifications

Just like any other job position, the supervisor is required to meet some requirements and specification for the position to allow for efficiency and effectiveness in executing their work. Here are some of the requirements and specifications.

Education, Skills and Prior Work Experience

  • High school diploma and above
  • Customer service and listening skills
  • Data entry skills
  • Multitasking skills
  • Objectivity, dependability and a result-oriented approach
  • Proficient in languages especially English
  • Excellent leadership and organizational skills
  • Adequate knowledge of different performance evaluation procedures
  • Good knowledge in MS office for basic office operations
  • Exceptional negotiation and communication abilities
  • Tech savvy, with adequate knowledge in different computer applications and telephony
  • Ability to work under pressure
  • Supervisory experience
  • Experience in customer service
  • Proven experience in the position of a call centre supervisor or equivalent position (Workable, 2017).

The reason as to why the items were included in the above sections is to clearly bring up the position of a call centre supervisor and all what it entails. For instance, the key features of the position helps in giving a true picture of what the job entails. The duties and responsibilities of a call centre supervisor also show what an individual in such a position is charged with on a day to day basis. The organizational relationship paints a picture of a typical organization tree for a call centre and the people who interact with the call centre supervisor. Finally, the position requirements and specifications indicate what is needed to perform the job effectively.

Different measures could be used to gauge the appropriateness of a call centre supervisor. The criterion in the job description that helps in defining a good supervisor is the experience and skills possessed by the supervisor. This is more so because they dictate how best the supervisor can execute the duties and responsibilities. This is better than using the education criterion alone since an individual could have passed through the system without necessarily acquiring the skills or putting them into practice. A call centre supervisor should be an all-round individual and possess excellent management skills to be in a position to direct others for the achievement of success.

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