does justice require of us?

Discussion: Do we have our hands on the rail switch? What

does justice require of us?

This assignment asks you to consider if,  in your perspective, Peter Singer is correct that justice requires us as individual citizens to help reduce global poverty or if counter arguments are correct. Clearly reasonable people can differ and there is no expectation that you give a certain answer- only that you give it thoughtful reflection. As we talked about the first week our class is based on thinking not raw memorization. Current social and problems “require armies of independent-minded, collaborative, and passionate problem-solvers, not more Jeopardy champions” (p. xii).* The same can be said of the current job market. Portable skills are ideally suited to a rapidly changing job market. Justice requires moral reflection from among competing values and you will encounter the need for decisions in the presence of conflicting values throughout your life in ways large and small.

To that end make sure you understand Singer’s arguments. Consider both arguments and evidence that could be made for his view and against it. Weigh the merits of the arguments and evidence.

1) Do you agree or disagree with Peter Singer- that we all have our hands on the rail track switch when it comes to dealing with global poverty? Why? Why not?

Each 1st post should be at least three substantial paragraphs. Also respond to at least two other students. Responses should be a full paragraph (at least 4-5 sentences). “Great job Pete! I agree” will not be considered an adequate response. Be sure to support your arguments and use evidence and examples.

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