Large Quantity Generator Facility Compliance Steps

For a site to qualify as a Large Quantity Generator, there are certain steps and actions that need to be done to achieve compliance. The first step that needs to be taken to bring the site into compliance as a Large Quantity Generator is identification of waste streams.  The site must determine whether the waste generated is hazardous or nonhazardous. The second step is determination of generator category. A site is considered a Large Quantity Generator if it generates 2,200 pounds or more of hazardous waste or more than 2.2 pounds of acute hazardous waste per calendar month. The third step is to obtain an Identification number issued by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Step four involves marking and labeling waste containers and placard vehicles that carry the collected wastes. In step five, the site must ensure that it properly stores its accumulated wastes.  Proper accumulation and storage of waste is important because they ensure that wastes are not carelessly disposed (United States Environmental Protection Agency, 1996).

The sixth step involves selection of hazardous waste transporters, as well as disposal or recycling facility. The next step is obtaining a multi-copy form known as a manifest that is used for shipping hazardous wastes from the site. In step eight, the site must develop a program for emergency planning and response. The site must have a clear plan stating how it will do in case of emergency. In step nine, the site should conduct personnel training to direct its employees on how to manage wastes accumulated and stored by Large Quantity Generators. Step ten concerns Reporting where the site has to submit its Biennial report to the regional the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The last step is that of record keeping. The site must keep records of its operations for at least three years (United States Environmental Protection Agency, 1996).


United States Environmental Protection Agency. (1996). Hazardous Waste Requirements for Large Quantity Generators. United States of America: Washington, DC.

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