Logic Models for Program Design and Development.

Logic models provide a framework for program design, development, and implementation. They help us understand the big picture of our programs, and they serve as a roadmap to help us achieve our goals and meet our outcomes.

For this assignment, create your own logic model using a health issue and prevention strategy of your choice. The model can be as simple or as complex as you’d like it to be, but it must provide a graphical representation of your program elements. In designing the logic model, please be sure to include the following required components:

  • Inputs
  • Activities
  • Short-term outcomes
  • Mid-term outcomes
  • Long-term outcomes

You may also include the components below:

  • Purpose or mission of the program
  • The context, conditions, or situation under which the program will be offered
  • Assumptions association with the planned program
  • External factors that could influence program success
  • Description of the evaluation of the proposed program

In addition to presenting your logic model, be sure to identify the health promotion program you have chosen, as well as the health issue you hope to improve. Consider how you will implement, evaluate, and manage this program to improve the overall health of the community.

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