Major Social, Cultural, Political, And Economic Fallout Of WWI

World Civilization II HS250 – Major Social, Cultural, Political, And Economic Fallout Of WWI

This paper explains the major social, cultural, political, and economic fallout of WWI. the impact of that war is bad in a way that many people lost their lives most especially Men, though many people died during that war, it led to change in the economic, cultural, social and political aspects which is a civilization where people moved from primitive to advance ways of doing things. If this war did not take place there would be no European Union (EU) today, through the destruction of many empires during the war, the United States was able to become a world power. Many changes took place, after the war like technology started to improve on how the government in France could control and detect what people are having that is harmful.( Judge, 2011) Women started to work just like men could, the government were able to control and protect citizens by giving authorities to the police to punish who ever that was found guilty and many others explained below after the first world war of 1918, this war claimed more lives of people though on the other hand led to many change that we call ourselves today civilized

The economic impact of this war was in a way that some people benefited that is made profit out of this war while others did not instead were victims of inflations. For example the manufacturers of the fighting weapons, boots, etc. were greatly enjoying this war because they could make a lot of money after selling those item. There was a massive inflation where by many people could not afford what is sold at the market for example in France the prices of items had doubled, in Germany, their currency lost its value until 1923. the scarcity of resources made most of the small firms to shut down, that inflation affected people in many ways for example those people who were working in large firms felt their salaries are more than the price while those that are in the small firms and the unskilled ones were earning less than the price of items in the market who had the advantage of that war.

This war didn’t harm the united stated, while the European Countries were affected, the America’s factories were producing a lot and it boosted the industrial sector of the United States which lead to rapid economic growth over there. The time Europe was experiencing untold inflation America was seriously booming it’s economic throughout the Roaring Twenties. This war also led to improved technology as there was a need to have more advanced and improved weapons/ guns and the security which resulted to more technologies being formed all the time since then. The more technology the more economical improvement or stability.

Government were in place to take more power to cool the war totally, it also suppressed the opposition by the increasing policy power, by then the Authoritarian regimes like tsarist Russia had usually depended on the threat of force, now parliamentary governments have the necessity to expand police powers and control all public opinion that is a great integration. the power given to the police in Britain in August 1914 by the Defence of the Realm Act which authorized the public authorities to arrest and punish dissidents under martial law if necessary. Which has minimizes crime rate. later the acts polices powers grew more like they had power to suspend newspapers and even power to intervene in a people’s private life how are they using lights at their homes,  their food consumption, what time are they or should booze, etc. Public opposition members increased when the powers of police were added.

There was a drastically increase of strikes, mutinies in France this confused the talk of a negotiated peace and questioned whether France could really carry on the war in 1917. Some French political leader went on and started the war without internal liberty. Government could stick on anybody suspected of supporting a compromise peace. Majority of the crackdowns and treason charges were calculated political opportunism, then police were given power of controlling public information and opinion. Censorship of newspapers and personal mail had already existed. The governments regularly bodies were preventing disclosure of military secrets and the airing of dangerous opinions considering war efforts. Organizing of enthusiasm was the other way of using the police power over the people. The World War 1 also gave rise to a propaganda that many politicians use to convince people. They were able to use the media to pass information.

Political stability, this war left a positive impact of political stability in Europe that one is interested on taking power by force or anything of that kind this is because they came to an agreement and everyone is satisfied by that not only there but all the developed countries like the united states, Austria and other developed Asian Countries have no time to struggle for power it is done in a civilized way, that is through elections and the one who wins the election have right to be a leader or to rule. Unlike in the developing countries where power is being struggled for with a lot of rioting and instability. This is a positive change after the war, the political bodies are organizes they carry on parliamentary elections as mentioned by

Generally the social behavior of people changed after the First World War! It had a positive impact on the community at large as Nate Sullivan mentioned. For example after the police were given power in Britain in 1914 by the Defence of the Realm Act which gave them authorization that they can arrest anyone who maybe fought doing bad and to be punished at once, from that time majority of the citizens were fearing the police hence changed their behaviors. For example the idler, thieves, those who want to fight the government etc. Likewise this war also impact on Christian socialism of not wanting to fight again and they had to carry on rallies preaching never again to fight.  women were forced to do jobs that were not supposed to be done by them because they had no choice and the men were all at risk or fighting, most of those women were unwilling to do the work that were not supposed to be done by them of which they knew their work was just a domestic one but not factory or offices. That way it let to demands to promote women equality to men (women’s emancipation). That explains the social way we are today it began that time. The War also improved a peace movement which was its main reason. For instant the campaign for nuclear disarmament (CND), the Anti-war movement in Europe which exerted its strength in the mass demonstrations against the US led invasion of Iraq in 2003.

According to Nate Sullivan cultural aspects are also affected by this war though the previous culture may be preferred by those generation who lived during that time, as fur as civilization is put in a mirror, there is a great change in culture which is positive. For example initially women were just supposed to do domestic work and are not to be considered like men, but this war left no gap for continuation of such ideology instead women were fully participating in the same work that that was not supposed to be done by them. which promoted women emancipation Though they did not like it later on they had no choice but to do the opposite hence the today some women are even doing better than men that civilization started right after the First World War. Hence it is a positive change of the war.

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