Management of Subdural Hemorrhage

Management of Subdural Hemorrhage

A case study on management of patient admitted in to the critical unit. Patient was diagnosed with subdural hemorrhage. I need to demonstrate a clear understanding of the pathophysiology of this neuromedical/neurosurgical condition being discussed. meaning that the reader will understand what has happened to the patients from pathophysiological point if view and use the patient to show this was demonstrated in practice. this will show that I understand what is happening and why.
(this include conditions and treatment and how this has affected care and treatment of my patient.

And HOW this has resulted in this patient requirement for critical care support.

With reference to contemporary evidence, theories, concepts, and the learning acquired through the module. Critically analyses and discuss the care and the treatment intervention provided to the patient. Integrated the critical analysis of care with current healthcare policy, guideline and evidence.

Provide evidence based recommendation for enhancing patient care in the future.
In the case study, I alike to highlight the neurological assessment that is the Glasgow coma scale. Currently in my clinical area, there is no clinical guideline that helps to guide nurses in performing the Glasgow Coma Scale.

This include no guideline on the frequency on the observation has been done. Thus there are variability and inconstancies with the practice. To include literature review concerning this topic (GCS and Nurses). For the recommendations: i wanted to share the guidelines available in United KIngdom and share it with my colleagues. Furthermore, I am hoping to develop local practical guideline on performing the GCS correctly in order to improve the knowledge and skill among nurses.

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