Marketing of the Acquisition by EDUS – Powerpoint Presentation

Promotional Objectives

´  Increase the demand- the promotional objectives is basically do increase the sales. This will go on until the product has taken its roots in which the company can hence focus in provision of other goods. (Najarian, Roach, Drescher, Velten & Comb, 2005)

´  Differentiation of the product- this is important in the cases where there are similar service providers in the market. It is thus important to let people know what you offer and what additional service you have that can give you an open hand over the rest. (Hall & Hall, 1986)

´  Presentation of information about the services offered- the clients need to know what you have in store before they can decide to take your offer.

´  Increasing the sales and the profits- one of the objectives of this promotion will be to increase the sales and the profits of the business. this will come into place once the customer traffic increases. (Hall & Hall, 1986)

´  Introduction of a new service requires promotion. In this case, the students will be able to know what to expect once they gain admission into the institution.


Cultural And Legal Factors Influencing Promotional Decisions

´  Values and Attitudes- the branding messages, promotional materials and such will have to be altered to fit into the market.

´  Material culture and technology-how fast innovation diffuses is a major issue influencing promotional decisions

´  Social organizations- when venturing in other countries, analyze how the country is governed. One also needs to consider the influence level of casts or class. (Terpstra, & Sarathy, 2000)

´  Aesthetics- was the advert presented in an aesthetically presentable way? This is important as it helps in capturing the attention of more people

´  Politics and law- the basis of the political ideology of the society can be a major impact on the decision to carry on with the marketing. (Najarian, Roach, Drescher, Velten & Comb, 2005).

´  Language- the means of communication varies in different countries. Low context culture countries puts an emphasis in what is communicated, the verbal communication while high context culture countries has very minimal emphasis in verbal communication.

´  Religion- different countries have diversity of culture. It is thus important to ensure that the services and products offered are not offensive or unlawful to the local nation. (Najarian, Roach, Drescher, Velten & Comb, 2005)


Media Plan

´  Email marketing- this can be very effective and the most cost effective means of advertising if done correctly. It helps the word spread faster as it is easier to get people to forward to family and friends. (Terpstra, & Sarathy, 2000)

´  Search engine optimization- this is very effective in that most people nowadays turn to the net to find information. Having a website where people can view the services is very efficient.

´  Involvement with the community- the rotary club or chamber of commerce and such like can form great platforms to meet new clients and where connections can be made.

´  Ask for referrals- spread the word to the family and friends and encourage them to say it to others. (Najarian, Roach, Drescher, Velten & Comb, 2005)

´  Business cards should be readily available to ease communication

´  Social networking- marketing the goods and services on the social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, twitter and the likes is a good strategy.

´  Focus on relationships- the clients need to trust you can provide something good for them. Never disappoint. Always work to provide the best.

Benefits Of The Promotion

´  Revenue creation- greater promotions will eventually create greater revenue for the organization

´  Source of information- an organization is able to get customer’s information such as emails and addresses and thus makes it easier to create personalized marketing.

´  Creation of differentiation- when different brands do their marketing, it can make the brand to stand out based on their way of marketing.

´  Creation of communication platforms- this enables businesses to pass across knowledge of their products

´  Creation of a reason for consideration- if there is a service provider providing a similar service you are offering but you have an additional product or service, this will give you an upper hand. (Chandon, Wansink, Laurent, 2000)

Promotional Strategies

´  The business card method should be frequent

´  Their should be a consumer follow up method where the inquiries and issues arising will be addressed

´  Online video promotions should be made available as it is a very effective way of promoting a website

´  The search engine optimization should be made available with the key searching words strong enough to facilitate ease access by their clients. (Terpstra, & Sarathy, 2000)

´  Charity and causes- promoting the services while supporting a certain cause or a charity organization can be a very good strategy.

´  Customer appreciation events should be held where refreshments and entry should be made free so as to attract even more people to enroll.

Factors Influencing Promotional Messages And Recommendations To Counteract These Issues

´  Direct competition and target markets-in this case, the service provider has to know the type of competition from the same service providers and thus create a promotional mix in order to differentiate this.

´  Marketing strategy- the product’s marketing strategy may also affect the promotion of the product. It is thus advisable to have a good market strategy so as not to create any conflict halfway. (Stumpf & London, 1981)

´  Political factors such as tariffs, trade control, corruption level and also some of the legal factors such as heal and safety law, competition regulation, data protection law, discrimination law, regulation and deregulation may also affect the promotion of the service. It is thus very necessary to take these into consideration. Buying the political risk insurance is one way that ca help in managing the political risk. (Stumpf & London, 1981)

´  Peoples way of living may also influence the promotion. Different places or countries have got different cultures. It is therefore advisable to take into consideration the cultural preference of an organization so as not to interfere with their way of living and beliefs.

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