Marketing-Communication Etiquette

As with any interaction with people, you should be aware of some basic positives and negatives related to using technology to interact with your customers. Failure to observe some common sense rules can land you and your organization on the customer’s bad side. This week’s reading talked about many of these pros and cons such as timeliness, reliability, understanding and many others.

Complete the following and answer the questions.

  1. First, identify at least five reasons why customers are important and list them.
  2. Determine if the following statements are appropriate or inappropriate customer service policies. Justify your answers and re-word the inappropriate statements to make them appropriate.
    1. Respond to email correspondence within 72 hours.
    2. Free shipping takes 2 weeks to arrive.
    3. Contact information includes email, telephone numbers, and physical address.
    4. All sales are final.
    5. Login passwords must be at least eight characters long.
    6. Upon registration customers will receive update emails.
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