Marketing PR in the News

Marketing public relations (MPR) is no longer a simple one-way communication that serves to announce a product, event, or cause. With the advent of new technologies, MPR is part of a two-way communication that builds a brand relationship using traditional and new media channels.

    Main Discussion Post

    Select an issue or a story that is receiving a great deal of media attention. Concentrate on a major national news story, and complete the following:

    • Identify the media sources that are carrying the story. Do not limit yourself to newspapers and TV; look for blogs, microblogs, or other types of media that cover the topic.
      • Discuss how the messages differ among media sources
      • Identify common threads across the media.
    • This post should be 3 paragraphs (300 words). Cite and reference your sources in APA format. Do not use attachments; answers should be pasted or typed directly to the Discussion Board.

    Interactive Responses

    • First interactive response
      • Select 1 classmate’s post, and trace the originator of this media buzz by finding a press release that was issued by a public relations agency or a stakeholder. If you are unable to find a press announcement, deduce who would be the most likely source of the story.
    • Second interactive response
      • Select another class member’s post, and discern which one of the messages is meant for a target group that you represent. Explain why you feel that it speaks to you, and define your target status.
    • Each post should be one paragraph (75 words) and must be substantive in nature.
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