Media Influence On Peoples Attitudes Toward Alcohol And Other Drugs

The media have an important influence on peoples attitudes toward alcohol and other drugs. With this assignment, you are tasked with watching television to determine how drug and alcohol use is presented to viewers. For example, you might note the number of males and females in beer commercials, the ways in which sexual images are combined with drinking beer, or the extent to which stars or athletic figures promote drinking in beer and wine commercials. Areas to pay particular attention:

The extent to which drinking takes place as a normal part of daily life (e.g., how often people are seen drinking, offered a drink, have open bars in their homes, drink with a meal, or drink and drive).

Non-prescription drugs like analgesics, diet pills, sleeping aids, etc. are often presented in a fashion that encourages the viewer to solve personal problems through the use of a pill.

Describe the types of programing you observed and summarize your findings by drawing some conclusions about the ways in which the media supports social definitions of alcohol/drug use and abuse.

Your paper should consist of 4 pages following APA style.

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