Medical Coding Credentials – AHIMA And AAPC

Coding refers to process of   assigning an identification to something or  to show the uniquenessof a phenomenafrom therest the samples, mostly classification of  coding  is doneforeasy identification of  certainobject,normally, the coding system can  represents the digits or letters that   portrays a certain  arbitrary meaning  of secrecy .In coding,  the rules  is adhered  so that  it can allow the user   in giving instructions to  a computer so as to  retrieve the required information.

According to  Dick, (1991). The American   association of  professional coders (AHIMA)  being one of the facility dealing with medical coding   rely entirely on  codes in  keeping  the records of the patients, it  helps in billing of the patients  records, the practice  influences the institution not  to employ  new coders  to perform the work, thus  the  prime objective of the  association is to   care and   improve  patients record keeping ,

AHIMA   provides the approval of professional byissuing certificate  and examining the  health managers and  medical specialist, the  Certified Specialist  Certification givesapproval  to individuals  who  graduate  from  the relevant program involved in trainingbeforethey issue them with  a certificate credential. This helps to demonstrate and prove the persons competence in the profession hence they gain respect in the industry health facilitation.


The  educational program and professional development of  the  association  aim is  geared towards the improvement of   healthcare .they only certify the competent individuals’ so as to ensure  the  best servicedeliveryin  the medical industry, it also  keep  track  the unqualified  person who  practice in  the field without  permission.Therefore the, accreditation made by AHIMA   contribute inclusively to managementof the resources anddisseminating the required medical data to the clients.

The association acts as the custodians of information  on the heath care,The system features  of training  comprises  of information technology, data  and professional users where they emphasis them to   digitalize the  information of the patients hence maintaining the accessibility and  the integrity of the data,(Zender2005).IHIMA  give guidelines in strengthening the capability of  professionals in  service delivery hence help reduce the crisis  in the health care system and  bring reforms to the future of the medical areas that will also ensure effective  implementation and  improvement of infrastructure,

On the other hand, American association of  professional coders(AAPC) does its  program certification and education to physicians in the   auditing sections, this make it easy for  the payers to  know the billing  value of their patients, the candidatesto qualify for this training as per the AAPC must at least  have two years  field experience in  auditing, moreover ,whoever having skills in  medical  health information management will an added  advantage to enroll in the training.

AAPC  has the role to provide  professional certification and education  by giving  student training  and further  link them to job opportunities ,its scope absolutely has  expanded   to include the training in the  coding audit   of the inpatient facility and the general  practice of the physician’s .the AAPC has  also tremendously expanded and currently  has led to  a  higher follower’s worldwide. Their scopes   of certification have received numerous reputations in the healthcare business with an objective of ensuring the professional coding of both the outpatient and inpatient. In ultimate contrast, the AAPC does its major certification on physician staff in auditing and link them to job opportunities whereas the AHIMA does its coding management records of the patients, (Aspden2004).

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