medical laboratory

Explain a recent process improvement team project that was developed within the past year at your hospital or laboratory. Submit a word document and a flow chart (word, excel, or hand drawn/imaged) demonstrating the following in a clear, concise summary:
(No organization, laboratory, or personnel names should be submitted – only positions or responsibilities related to the PI project should be detailed)

1. As medical laboratory technician explain your role, or the laboratory role, in this process and how it related to the overall team goal.

2. Review the process steps and what quality management process(es) were utilized.

3. Discuss the facts and data reviewed, and recommendation(s) made – was there appropriate representation on the team, where all factors considered in any process change made?

4. How was the recommendation(s) implemented and monitored, including any new training or education.

5. Submit a flow chart of the old and new process.

6. State the time frame needed from beginning to end of project, and any time efficiencies learned for the next team project.

7. Explain the success or failure of this project recommendation, the team process, roadblocks, and lessons learned.

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