Memo – Depletion of the Project Budget before Time

To: Project Team Members

From: The Project Manager

Date: 11th June 2016

Subjection:  Depletion of the Project Budget before Time

As well all know the team commenced on the project of revamping the organization compensation and benefit system in August and we have been working on that project for a while now. We clearly divided responsibilities among ourselves and developed a clear schedule to be followed by all, to ensure successful completion of the project. While doing so, we hoped and anticipated that all members will demonstrate equal commitment to their individual assignments and enhance the project success. However, this has not been the case. Some members have always been lugging behind the schedule and as a result we are six weeks off track. This has also made us strained our budget more than it was anticipated and as a result, we have depleted the budget long before the completion of the project.

Following the above mentioned challenges, we are forced to adjust our working schedule to prevent project failure.  We need to employ various measures to ensure that we have compensated for the six weeks that we are behind. This will include developing strategies to employ to ensure that members are fully committed to their work. We hope that there will be no more delays or late work delivery after this is done. As mentioned above, our budget is depleted and thus, members will have to work with strained available resources. We cannot afford to provide all that is required to complete the project, thus individual creativity will be required to obtain ways to substitute some of the required materials and resources with cheaper or locally available material. This will ensure that we complete the project despite the presented challenges. More work will be provided with strained resources to ensure that we bring our project back on the track. Thus we call upon all the team members to bear with us and to show full support to our new strategies. This will enhance our general performance and ensure that we complete the project within the stated deadline. Therefore, I would call upon all team members to be ready for a crash process, which means, more work within a short period of time and with limited resources. I hope I will get total corporation and commitment from all team members.

Ways to Improve the Underperforming Team Member

Underperformance among team members can easily ruin the initial plan developed to ensure successful completion of the project. It makes various processes to lug behind especially if there are resources needed from the delaying part to start another task. In this regard, the project manage should establish ways to improve a team member who is underperforming. To assist an underperforming team member, the team manager needs to understand the actual problem that could be initiating underperformance. The issues could be the member is being provided with work beyond his or her capacity, the worker did not understand some aspect of the project, including the project mission, or that the worker is not motivated and thus, he or she dislike his work. Thus, one way to improve an underperforming worker is by first understanding the main cause of underperformance and tries to solve the problem from that point. In case the worker is made handle more than the ability, the project manager should identify what the member is interested in and assign him or her to such duties to improve performance. In case the worker does not understand the project and its vision, the project manager should take an initiative of trying to assist him or her to understand the project, its objectives, vision, and what need to be done. This including briefing the member on the project model among other things. In case the member is demotivated, the manager should consider developing workers motivation strategies. This may include rewarding the members who effectively finish their tasks earlier than scheduled and rewarding workers who effectively handle the most challenging task that was avoided by many among others (Little, 2011).

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