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General Motors is a company that deals with the modeling, making and manufacturing of cars. It deals with vehicles and related products together with the provision of financial services that is related to the vehicles. Vehicles range from trucks to personal cars. People usually order for the cars, which are then shipped to the different destinations or acquired form showrooms in those countries. The company has made many notable designs, and they include Alpheon, Romeo, Cadillac, Buick, and Vauxhall among others, which number to thirteen brands that are distributed globally in its branches. The business has operations in more than 120 counties. It has many joint ventures with countries that include Shanghai GM, FAW-GM, and GM Uzbekistan to name a few. The branches coordinate the various activities of GM (Dettori & Torsani, 2013).


Type network that has more of an influence on leadership and management  of Organization

Formal networks are used largely in the GM Company. Most of the interactions, therefore, involve the various individuals in particular between the CEO and the CFO of General Motors both internationally and OPEL. The CEO consults the various directors also to help in the running of the company. Various people on the board of directors assist in managing the company through sharing information. The management further advises and collects information from the different people involved in the different departments. The managers ensure that they pass information to the managers or supervisors who further help in competing for the various work processes in the company (Tortoriello et al., 2012).

The formal network in the organization consists of the different people who interact one on one. The informal networks within GM usually involve the various employees at the various levels in the organization. For example, a manager may have a network with his subordinates due to the daily interactions at the workplace (McEvily et al., 2014). The informal networks often include the interactions of the various members to get more information that can be utilized to benefit the business. Companies like GM may have informal networks that individually deal with a certain topic in the organization. The informal networks in GM are usually used to orientate the new employees and help them settle in the company. There was still some relationships that develop as people learn to work together especially those between subordinates and the managers.

The employees and subordinates usually develop relationships in the workplaces as they were continuing to work on various tasks that may need team effort or support from other employees. More information is thus garnered as people interact at the workplace both formally and informally. However, for the case of General Motors the formal networks are more efficient since most of the branches need well-planned mechanisms. As such, the branches have to follow a particular structure of conducting their business while at the same time employing measures that deal with acclimatizing to the business climate of the respective country together with its culture. To ensure that the people in the companies develop better relations especially in fostering their work it is important to ensure that formal networks and thus relations among the people in the workplace work towards meeting the goals of the company (Tortoriello et al., 2012).


It important to ensure that organizations have networks that help boost the formal networks in GM. GM is a large multinational that deals various services with the main goods being cars. GM can benefit greatly from ensuring that the organization deals with the different networks in the organization for their benefits and setting the direction on which the networks should take especially the formal networks.

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