MGT672 – Managing Group Dynamics in a Decision Environment Essay


Working with other team members has considerably helped put into practice what I have learnt in class about group dynamics. Working in teams is not easy as different members are put together to achieve a particular purpose. Achieving that goal will depend on how united the team is and how the various members interact with each other (Bjerregaard & Jonasson, 2014). A team, therefore, has many aspects that need to be brought together to ensure that it meets its goals. Relationships should be harmonized so that members work together towards achieving the intended purpose of the group. Furthermore defining responsibilities for each person is important in ensuring that functions are carried out effectively without confusion. Therefore, a team rises or falls on how it is managed. I have discovered much by working with my team members and it has helped me to improve significantly in various capacities especially teamwork. Therefore, teams form an important part of an organization as they help meet specific purposes, which an individual cannot wholly carry out individually.

Roles and responsibilities

Each team member was assigned various roles and responsibilities. U learnt how to keep quiet and let the other people speak especially when they were contributing to the tasks. I was involved in translation, which mostly was cumbersome, but some team members helped me greatly and showed their concern especially when there was a lot of work.  The various roles and responsibilities have helped me concentrate on the different tasks I am assigned to and thus provided with a clear picture of how to manage my time. Therefore, it has helped me plan and manage my time to meet the various tasks and has to help me improve my organizational skills to ensure that I do not derail in my duties. The different responsibilities of different team members have contributed to creating an easier way to each result can be gauged without confusion. Some members may refuse to take on some roles, and therefore, it can be tiresome. However, in the team that I worked only two members did not want to take up their roles because they had not understood at first what they were to do.


Building effective relationships among group members helps in making sure that groups work harmoniously. The various team members have different personalities that sometimes make it difficult to work together. Some are more bold and participative while other are quite and therefore do not contribute much to the group. Though there are individuals with the various personalities in the group whereby some may be more participative than others, learning to deal with each member is important. Having a team that is of the same mind towards achieving the set objectives, I have discovered that team members need to understand each other especially learning the strengths and weaknesses of team members. Many of my teammates are active in certain areas while lacking in some areas. As such, the whole team has worked smoothly since the members complement each other. I have learnt to share ideas in a clear way that can be understood by the team members and as a result, my confidence has increased significantly. I have discovered that groups rise or fall on how the individual members view each other (Estabrooks, 2014). Therefore, in the group we have sought to work together to ensure that the various people do not feel looked down upon or deficient in their capacities and in doing their responsibilities.

The different teams working in hospitals need to have teamwork since most functions are related. As such, nurses and doctors usually work hand in hand to ensure that the various goals are met. As such while working in the hospital especially with the physicians and patients together with the nurses, I have had the experience of translating while at the same time sharing the information with the group so that the various reports can be made. Translation involves making words from one language to understand with those who do not know the respective languages. The different reports on the translations that have taken place especially on the medical reports involving doctors, patients and staff. Therefore, the information is finally to formulate reports that are worked at by the group members.

I have learnt to develop trust in my team members and further help them to be trustworthy in their duties. Trust maintains a group member as a have understood from working in my team at the hospital. Getting the particular functions assigned to the team members done in the hospital requires trust. As a team, members trust each other that they will carry out their duties. Some team members may not do their tasks in the end as it happened at the hospital where some members failed to write reported that were needed by the end of the day. As such, other members had to step in to prevent confusion at the end of the day. Therefore, while working in teams, I have learnt to be dynamic and to expect the worst, especially among uncooperative team members (Kantor, 2012).

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