Most Important And Difficult OPM Levels of Project Management Maturity

There are five levels of OPM in project management maturity. Among them the level 1 which is the project foundation is the most important part of the project development. This is because level 1of the 5 levels of OPM is the main determinant of whether a project exists or not. It is the main stage in the project development, which gives a base in which the project will be developed. The project portfolio is created at this stage of the project development and the cost of the project is also determined. Thus, this level plays a major role in determining the viability of a project and justifying its development or why a project should be abandoned. Thus, it help in saving resources from any form of wastage and also in ensuring that only the activities that need to be invested in are carried forward.

Among the five, the most complex stage of project development is value management. This stage requires a number of complex aspects that include tools, models, and metrics for quantifying the project value. The stage requires conducting a number of evaluations and to ascertain that the project maintain a high level of quality. The stage ensures effective application of the project risk management and ensures that all that need to be done to ensure successful project completion is done. The stage focuses more on enhancing the project efficiency though risk management and employment of the best strategies to enhance efficiency. The stage requires previous knowledge on project management and extensive information on aspect that would interfere with successful operation of a project in certain environment. Thus, the stage is very demanding and involving (Priority Systems, 2015).

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