NR-439 RN Evidence Based Practice – Martin needs medical treatment Case Study

Evidence Based Practice

The selected case in this case is chapter 1 “Martin needs medical treatment (or does he)?” The ethical issues presented in this case are whether it is right for Martin to have genetic treatment to change her pigmentation or not, and who is supposed to make that decision, martin’s mother or martin himself. Another issue is whether is right for martin to have an albino child in the future to experience what he has been experiencing or the child should be aborted and they couple try to getting a normal child (Baker, n.d.). According to N.a. (1995), may be genetic treatment can be done to better the life of the person suffering from the disease. However, the risks involved in this treatment may be high than the stigma the patient is experiencing. With regard to the best person to make the decision, this basically depends on the age of the child. Sometimes it is unethical and illegal to subject a small child in genetic tests since they may harm their psychological well-being. However, when a person is big enough to make a decision, then a medical treatment can be granted if it is their wish. This will also depend on the medical report of the doctor regarding the chances of getting better and the risks involved (N.a., 1995).

Abortion is illegal in a number of countries. However, it is allowed based on medical ground either to save the life of a mother or if a child is having a serious medical problem that may affect the future of a child. In this regard, the parents have the right legally to terminate the child. However, the tests involved in determining the genetic condition of a child may be intrusive of the mother’s genetic privacy. By conducting the test, the mother genetic privacy will be exposed to the husband an aspect that can affect their relationship (Agarwal, n.d.).

I did not know that genetic disorders are treatable and that the treatment can happen based on one’s choice. To me genetic disorder was unchangeable condition that one had to live with forever and thus the aspect of legal or ethical issue regarding their testing and treatment never crossed my mind.

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