NR-451-RN – Patterns of Nursing Care And Discussion of Articles

Pattern of Nursing Care Delivery

The most effective care giver model in my opinion is a model that takes a team tactic to interdisciplinary care. The model should target high health care users particularly old and children, should bridge the care continuum outside the basic care facility, and should focus on improving cost, quality and satisfaction. The model should also consider defining home as a care environment and thus, including families in the care provision exercise. This kind of model is considered to be most effective because it can highly enhance care among all patients and particularly to the most demanding patients that include elderly, children and individuals suffering from chronicle conditions (Beattie, 2009). One example of such a model is a Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH) model.

The main advantages of this PCMH model is that it enhances communication between the care givers and patients and create a better understanding of patients’ needs an aspects that yields to improved patients outcome. It also increases satisfaction of the patients. The model also involved a number of well-trained medical professionals from different disciplinary and thus, the model develops efficiency via team-founded care in the practice as well as extensive medical home. The model also demonstrates shared roles among the members of the team which can incorporate specialists such as exercise specialists, behavioral health specialists, and nutritionists who have current knowledge in specific parts of healthcare lacked by physicians. In addition to this, a number of diagnostic test are conducted by office of physicians other than ER an aspect that reduces unnecessary hospital based testing and thus lowering medical cost Primary Care Progress (2014). The main model disadvantages is that the model relies on claim-based data which according to Stanek and Takach (2010), demands negotiating agreements of the data use with the centers for Medicaid and Medicare services and health plan. In addition, there is always a time lag between care delivery and the claims data availability needed in care an aspect that can influence quality patient care.

Discussion of Articles

The two articles read from the Patient Safety and Quality: An Evidence-based Handbook for Nurses website includes “Nurses at the “sharp end” of patient care” with URL <> and “fall and injury prevention” with URL < >. The first article discusses how the nurses’ quality of services and care relies on their work environment. This includes how resources are shared, how work is scheduled, the organization culture and the organization policy. An organization with conducive work environment enhances quality care and better results as compared to an organization with poor work environment where nurses work is undermined by lack of resources, high patients to nurse ratio, long schedules that result to burnout, and poor working policies among others (Hughes, 2007).

The second article addresses the issue of fall and injuries among old people while undergoing treatment for other conditions in health cares. The article terms this as a great challenge and gives statistics of how often the problem happens. According to the article falls and injuries in medical facility can be blamed on the facility and thus it is considered as a medical error. It highly influences the well-being of the patient and adds to their medical problems. The paper then provides various mechanisms that can be employed to prevent falls in medical care and to take care of patients who have experienced this problem (Currie, 2007).

The information in first article gives guidance on the role of organization in facilitating quality care in an organization. Sometimes, it is hard to attain quality care despite of the effort a nurse applies. The article applicable to my practice since it assists in identifying a new to approach quality issue. With this information I can manage to mobilize my colleagues and advocate for change of the organization culture and policies as a way of enhancing quality care. The second article guides on how to prevent falls and injuries to old patients that a nurse is managing. This information has given me new tactics on how to low cases of falls among the old patients I will ever care for in the future.

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