NR 500 – Identifying Scholarly Resources

Identifying Scholar Resources

Clear technique is required to undertake a research in the nursing related research to ascertain that the topic is efficiently covered. In this regard, selecting the right search strategies and right key word and employing suitable database are important starting points. There are a number of nursing databases that one may use to search for nursing materials. However the selection of the best database depends on the topic one is research on. In this case the researcher will focus on mental health nursing (Cleary et al., 2009). The best medical database to consider in this case include Wiley online library and EMBASE.

Wiley Online Library URL is Wiley is an international scholarly, medical, technical, and scientific publishing business of John Wiley & Sons. It has strengths in all main professional and academic partnerships and field with a number of the top world societies. The database host the global deepest and broadest multi-disciplinary collection of online materials covering humanities, social science, physical science, health and life. The health subject include medicine, nursing healthcare and dentistry, and psychology. The library delivers unified integrated access to more than 6 million article from more than 16000 online book and more than 1500 journals, and hundreds of databases, laboratory protocols, and reference works. The health section contains 2296 lab protocols, 9367 databases, 169723 books and 1535868 journal articles. Therefore it contain wide range of health related literature (Wiley, 2015).

Embase on the other had is a broad biomedical database the focuses more on pharmacology and drugs. Its URL is It is produced by Elsevier. It contains more than 27 millions of records which include medical records. It has about 8000 journals dated from 2012. About 33.48% of these journals originate from North America and 49.7% originate from Europe (Elsevier, 2015).


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