NR- 500 – Strategies for Success in the Online Learning Environment

Online learning has highly enhanced education among different individuals in the world. It has highly contributed in eliminating life barriers that have for a long time prevent people from advancing their learning. Some of the barriers that have been eliminated by e-learning include geographical location barriers, cost and time. This has enabled even mothers keeping up families and the elderly to go back to school without much strain. However, there are a number of barriers that still hinder online learning expansion. Some of these barriers include poor network coverage especially in developing countries and thus a high cost involved in internet downloads and research works. Other barriers include lack of direct contact with the instructor, making hard for most students dealing with technical courses to comprehensively understand technical course without much directions. Other barriers include lack of technological help, increase in time needed for both online activities and materials preparation and contacts, high material costs, lack of formal agreement to maintain commitment of the program via problems and difficulties, and lack of independent local library sources and learning skills (Morgenthaler, 2009).

To overcome these barriers, institutions need to develop more reliable policies that can act as a framework to the application of online learning. Advancement and embracing network technology in different parts of the world will enhance the growth and spread of e-learning. Identification of the most suitable e-learning skills that will enhance video conferencing or video classes will also act to lower the cases of student isolation in e-learning as compared the normal learning environment. Effective time management to enhance effective communication, assessment, and support is needed in e-learning (Wild & Neville, 2008


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