Is the number of women in the board of directors of this company and why does the ‘female factor’ matter?

This company has one two woman in the board of directors compared to 12 men who sit in the board of directors. This implies that the number women in the board of directors’ are less than 10%. Therefore, it is vital for the company to increase the number of women. Women would help in improving the quality of decision of the board. They would encourage dialogue in the board. They are confident in putting the elephant in the room for discussion. However, they do it in an appropriate way. Women are also good at asking ‘dumb questions.’ They ensure that they are well prepared for board meetings. This enables them to raise questions, which other board members may not raise. Therefore, they are not afraid to ask ‘dumb questions’ that might involve an issue under discussion if they do not understand the issue properly.

This enables the board to offer clarifications, which help in illuminating the discussions to all board members. In most instances, when an organization faces tough times, there is a breakdown in trust and relationships among the board members. Members of the board usually start pointing fingers at each other. This necessitates an organization to formulate strategies that would help in rebuilding trust. Women are good at building trust when an organization faces tough times. Therefore, they enable an organization to direct all its energy towards solving the crisis that it is facing. Having the board and the management at loggerheads usually exacerbates the impact of the crisis. Women have the above qualities since their leadership style is different to that of men (Niskanen, 2011).

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