Nursing Informatics Essay

Analysis of the necessary technology

As a result of the merger, the core objective of the healthcare information system that suits best the merged healthcare organization by meeting its federally mandated requirements is to ensure effective provision of information. The regions, communities, and nations that comprise the developing world face a widespread variety of health-related challenges within and without the merged healthcare organization, and the health systems that address such challenges are struggling with limited resources and capability (Perry,Potter & Ostendorf, 2015). Health leaders and the entire nursing informatics must therefore focus on maximizing the value of scarce resources and seeking ways to make health systems function as efficiently as possible. The necessary technology should therefore suitable to get reliable data on the performance of the various parts of the health system as the only way to measure, devise, and execute health interventions(Ball & Collen, 2012). Successful reinforcement of health systems requires relevant, accurate, and timelyinformation on the performance of the health system itself which should form the basics of this intended technology.

The Project Committee

The project committee shall comprise of the following four essential interdisciplinary team members:

Project manager- This is a member of the organization’s top management personnel. He/she is responsible for making sure that the Project Committee completes the project through management of team formation, team’s performance, develop project plan with the team and overseeing communication among other critical responsibilities he/she tasked to undertake.

LAN Administrator –This personnel install, modifies, organizes and designs the organization’s computer systems. The expertise of a LAN administrator is necessary for the success of this project since tis interdisciplinary team member that the local area network ensures connectivity of the computers and other equipment sharing a common communications line or a network server.

Network Architect – Designs computer networks, which include LANs and WANs, intranets and internets. The expertise of the network architect is essential as he/she leads the formulation of the next phase of the organization’s strategic push into the dynamically emerging markets and ensures a competitive edge.

Database Administrator –Takes the responsibility of upholding the integrity, security, and performance of the database. Such expertise is necessary within the framework of the success of this migration project as a DBA makes sure that the data for the organization remains consistent across the entire database(Ball & Collen, 2012).

Importance of interoperability to healthcare delivery

In a healthcare system, interoperability creates the ability of the various information technology systems and the software applications to exchange, communicate, and use the information such exchanged information (Duffy & Duffy, 2013). Data exchange standards and schema should permit sharing of data across hospital, patients, lab and clinicians irrespective of the application or the application vendor.

Interoperability facilitates the ability of the health information systems to work together across and within the boundaries of the organization so as to advance effective delivery of health care for the communities and individuals.

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