Operations Plan And Operational Components

  • Research the operational components of your chosen project. Based on your research and the knowledge that you have gained from the course, create a 4- to 5-page operations plan by completing the following tasks:
  • Define the management team by drafting an organizational chart and a plan for hiring employees.
  • Draft the key employee policies and a code of ethics.
  • Provide the details on the workplace environment, the location of the business, and the facilities necessary to operate the business. If a virtual component is a part of the workplace, explain how that is going to be incorporated.
  • Describe the supply chain of the venture, with its main components and its management approach.
  • Describe the manufacturing or customer service processes, discussing economies of scale and plans for attaining those economies (if applicable).
  • Discuss significant innovations related to the delivery process, production (if applicable), inventory management (if applicable), and distribution.
  • Describe methods to define and ensure the quality of the products or services.
  • Discuss laws impacting the business and methods for compliance with federal, state, and local tax laws.


The Choice of Business


Executive Summary

The company is known as WillRose Company and it deals with the real estate business that primarily deals with the management of rental houses within the California region. The units of houses provided by the company are guaranteed to be safe and also offer the best atmosphere for the tenants. The customers are also assured of high quality standards of customer services twenty four hours a day, three hundred and sixty five days a year. The amount of sales that will be generated from the real estate business is also expected to grow within the first five years of operation. For a start, the sales are expected to be low because of the skepticisms of the customers. However, with increased marketing of the properties, the demand for the properties will be expected to increase.

The Market

The target market from which the business can benefit is large and wide. However, out of the large market size, WillRose Company will be targeting the students from California University. Since the accommodation services that are offered by the University is not enough for the students, those who miss accommodation chances will get a place within the WillRose apartments. The students’ population at the University has been growing at rate of 5% every year with the growth expected to hit an all time high of 12 % within the next five years. In relation to the students’ population growth, the demand for external accommodation services has equally been growing at a rate of 8% with approximately 18000 students seeking for accommodation services outside the University.

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