Organization Description – Ford Motor Company

Ford Motor Company Organization Model



  • Employees training , individual contribution in manufacturing, market information,; customers requirement,

(Tipping Points)

  • Acquisition
  • Bankruptcy


  • Different types of vehicles based on customers requirements

(Top level organization process)

  • Human resources management
  • Manufacturing process management
  • Information management
  • Global Supply chain management
  • Global project development
  • Social responsibility control


Ford Motor Company Organization

  • Ford motor company is involved in the manufacturing of vehicles
  • This is an international company that focuses on creating strong cohesion among the members.
  • The company simply depends on the contribution of each employee as an individual to make what it currently has
  • Thus, employees knowledge, skills, innovation and creativity are give a great importance in this company (, 2016)

Ford Motor Company Organization

  • The company executives focus on managing various organization processes to enhance ford’s competitive outputs.
  • Some of the process that are highly regarded include human resource recruitment, training, and compensation
  • Manufacturing process
  • Purchasing and supply chain process
  • Communication and information sharing process at global level

Leadership Management Thinking

  • Based on general system theory, an organization should have a self regulating system particularly in human resource development and management.
  • In this regard, the company should consider establishing a system which enhance self regulation to enhance successful operation
  • However, based Boulding’s hierarchy of systems it is important to note that unlike the natural system, organizations are quite complex.
  • To attain a near self-regulatory position, the system should consider employing Boulding hierarchy of system do attain this (Oshry, 2007).

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