Personal Leadership Platform – Assignment Instructions

The purpose of this assignment is to apply the concepts and theories from the course to your own personal leadership platform. As you read each chapter in Leadership in Organizations and Lincoln on Leadership, take notes that summarize the ideas that form the basis for what you believe about effective leadership and the type of leader you aspire to be. Develop a paper that describes your personal leadership platform (PLP) and documents the sources that support this platform. This paper should describe what you believe about leadership, why these things are important to leadership, and the specific things a leader must do that are consistent with your beliefs about leadership.

Your PLP will be the result of readings, discussion, debate, and reflection on your personal commitment to leadership principles related to your leadership style, definition of leadership, moral and ethical perspective on leadership, individual values related to leadership, thoughts on followership, values related to leading a team, and any other relevant leadership issues.

While some of your thinking on leadership will come from personal experience, the ideas you present in this paper must be substantiated with references from the assigned texts as well as at least five other scholarly/literary materials. The paper must reflect your personal thoughts and values.

Paper must include: title page, with your name and course number; a 100-word abstract (which is a brief summary of your paper); the body of the paper, with introduction, findings, conclusions, and references. All references must be cited in the body of the paper. Eight pages minimum, ten pages maximum. 12-point font, normal line spacing.

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