Persuasive Communication Presentation – Podcast

When people think of what constitutes good content, they usually think of text or visual based content. In so doing, they neglect audio, which is an effective method that one may use to get a message across. I would use a podcast to communicate with my target audience. I would prefer to use a podcast since it is convenient and easy to make. Use of a podcast would make me not worry that the audience is busy or offline. This is because listeners can download the podcast and player it whenever it is convenient for them. If they subscribe to the podcast, it would be downloaded automatically. Making a podcast is also very easy. One only needs a computer or smartphone, software for recording to the message, and internet connection to upload the message (Walker, 2011).

The target audience may reject the podcast since podcasts are large files. This may make it difficult for people who have a slow internet connection to access the files. In addition, the podcast would not reach people who have impaired hearing. To reach people who have impaired hearing I would also have to create a transcript. The audience may also reject the podcast since it lacks interactivity. The podcast does not allow the listeners to ask questions or offer their input on the issues being addressed. The audience may also reject the podcast if it is not an original recording, but a recording copied from another source. Use of another parties recording may also land me legal problems. It would be critical to ensure that there is permission from the owner of the original material. The audience may also reject the podcast since it may be hard to find it. The audio content is not readable in search engines. Therefore, it would be hard for the podcast to appear in the results of search engines (Walker, 2011).

I would strive to ensure that my audience accepts my proposal. I would ensure that the size of the podcast file is as low as possible. I would use software that compresses files to reduce the size of the podcast file without compromising the quality of the sound. This would make is easy for people to download the file. I would also ensure that I use catch phrases in the podcast to ensure that I gain the attention of the listener. Humor within the podcast would also help in capturing the attention of the audience.

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