The PICO (T) Format on Wound Care Management

The PICO (T) format on the health concern of the wound care management would entail the following elements:

Population/ Patient

The patients of interest for this research are the children of 3-15 years of age. This category would include both boys and girls who have ever experienced a wound care management problem. The health concern within this research is the analysis of the challenges these children have experienced as they were undergoing a wound care management (Cummings,Browner,Hulleyet al., 2007). This would encompass the time period the wound took to heal, the medication used and the general experience of this health concern.


There is a lot of interest in the research to identify the various diagnostic, preventive, therapeutic or any other health care interventions that the children used or were used on them with respect to the wounds they suffered. A further aspect of intervention on the health care concern of wound care management is the health care strategies that is of comparison interest to the research. This would involve standardization of all the products in relation to the prevention of skin breakdown and the care of partial-thickness wounds.


The comparison part of this approach on wound care management encompasses the use of more than one intervention. This involves the successful outcomes evaluation of the various forms of wound management interventions. The factors of assessment would include time taken for the intervention to deliver a successful outcome (Guyatt, Drummond, Meade, &Cook,2008).


This section entails the assessment of the desired outcome to be evaluated. The impact that the different intervention measures has on the patient or population.


The aspect of time in this research health question would entail the duration that the researcher uses to collect the relevant data with respect to the question it seeks to answer.



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